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Most people can only dream of completing a race, yet most often their medal are hidden in a draw, on back of a door or gets lost.

How many athletes actually display their incredible achievements?

Our aim is to provide an athlete with a ready-to-display plaque that can be placed in their homes or offices. It will tell the story of the sweat, blood and tears of their race with the profile and time of the athlete.

Your plaque will reflect a journey which has been etched into your memory for life!!

Own Medal Plaque



An Own Medal Plaque is a plaque designed and manufactured with small neat holes along the surface for the runner to insert his medals.

Replica Medals Plaque



Our Replica Medals Plaques are added to the runners plaque every year after the race. It is only a replica of the actual medal.

Replica Solid Plaque



This specific plaque is designed for the retired athlete and is an ideal gift item. It is a personalised one-of-a-kind plaque designed for …


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